Photos from the 75th Jubilee Weekend

Photo 7 Tweedy Jubilee Trophies.jpg

Fay Wilcock and Bill Campbell winners of Tweedy Jubilee Trophies with members of Error Tweedy's family

lESTER & ruth.jpg

Lester Fouls and Ruth Crawford, first winners of Tweedy Jubilee Trophies in 1996 

Photo 1 (1946-1971).jpg

Members who joined the club between 1948 and 1971

Photo 2 Present & Past Presidents.jpg

Club Presidents

Past and Presnt Men's Captains.jpg

Men's Captains

Photo 3 Past & Present Ladies Captaions.

Ladies Captains

Jubilee Cake.jpg

The Jubilee Cake

Photo 4 Cutting the cake.jpg
jUB pLAQUE.jpg

Cake cutting by Pam Hutchinson and Eileen Kortegast

Jubilee Plaque

Photo 6 American Foursomes Mens.jpg

Winners of Men's American Foursomes

Canadian Foursomes Men's.jpg

Winners of Men's Canadian Foursomes

Photo 5 American Foursomes Mixed.jpg

Winners of mixed American Foursomes

Canadian Foursomes Mixed.jpg

Winners of MIxed Canadian Foursomes